Guest Musician

This person plays music occasionally as a guest.

Jeff Fajardo

Guest Guitarist

Frank Baier

Guest Musician on bass guitar

Freddy Rodriguez, Sr.

Photo of Freddy Rodriguez, Sr.
Guest Musician, Saxophone

Koffi Toudji

Photo of Koffi Toudji

Koffi Toudji, from Togo, West Africa, has created the Koffi Togo Cultural Center. The Center works to "Unite Through Music and Dance" and instill a positive sense of self in Africans of all ages and teach about the quality and depth of their musical heritage.

Barb Pons

Photo of Barb Pons
Soloist, vocals, guitar

Eugene Holden

Photo of Eugene Holden

Robert Anderson

Photo of Robert Anderson
Special Guest Musician!

Colorado recording artist Robert Anderson is an award-winning singer, producer and arranger who has composed music for theater, movies and television.

He has written a #1 hit song . . . was co-founder and vocalist with a national-championship acappella group . . . and he is a 3-time winner at the national ‘Positive Music’ songwriter awards.

Robert and his talented wife Lori are the popular New Thought duo DEVOTION . . . who’s transcendent voices and powerful messages of peace & compassion speak to the heart, spirit and imagination of people around the world.

Please stop by Robert’s CD table after the service and let him know how happy we are to welcome him!

And visit his website at

Sam Cornell

Photo of Sam Cornell


Richard-Curtis Simpson

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